Our Infant and Toddler Programs specialize in providing a warm, nurturing environment with experienced, certified, and responsive caregivers and teachers, who pride themselves on their partnerships with our families during these precious years. Our large classrooms with small ratios are uniquely divided into 6-month age increments beginning in our Older Infant Room for optimum developmental growth, as our programs focus on both social-emotional and academic skills that differ vastly in the first two years of a child's life.


  • Individualized age-appropriate curriculum beginning at enrollment, with focus on language development, motor skills and social-emotional development
  • Breakfast, homemade nutritionally balanced meals for lunch, snacks, milk and juice provided at no additional cost once children are on table food
  • Elite “Baby Buggy Boulevard” designed for infants and toddlers to explore on walks or play
  • Scheduled daily Gross Motor indoor play in our spacious gymnasium, massive outdoor play areas and a separate Activity Room specifically for infant/ toddler use
  • Potty training introduced in our younger toddler room as children express signs of readiness
    The introduction of “play-based learning centers” beginning with our older infants



BABYLAND (12 weeks through 18 months)

All infants in Babyland are assigned to a Primary Caregiver, however caregivers do work as a team to help meet the daily needs of each individual child. Our large classroom has 2 enclosed play areas to allow separation for older and younger babies to safely engage in developmentally appropriate activities such as tummy time, army crawling and walking. Infant swings, bouncers and activity mats are utilized daily and children engage in many sensory activities both in the play areas and at the tables. Individualized Child Care Plans are developed and implemented to create a balanced, nurturing environment for each child.

OLDER INFANTS (18 months- 24 months)

Our Older Infant Room is divided into 2 large areas as an introduction to our play-based learning centers. The table area is where all meals are eaten and children participate in small group or individual activities such as arts and crafts, sensory and fine motor development. The carpeted area is enclosed for large group, movement and gross motor activities, as well as where cots are placed at naptime. Teachers create and implement weekly Activity Plans using our research-based curriculum which includes both large and small group activities that focus on developing skills and building relationships. Daily gross motor time is provided in the gym and outside, weather permitting.

TODDLERS (24-36 months)

Our Toddler Program is divided into 2 classrooms based on age. Beginning in our younger toddler room, we build on skills introduced in our Infant Program and add in more structured age-appropriate activities. Additional learning centers are added as well as focus on self-help skills and furthering language development. Weekly Activity Plans are developed and implemented based on the needs and interests of the children. Potty training is introduced as children begin to exhibit signs of readiness. Toddlers join our older children in the gym for lunch, which allows for increased interaction with others and even greater opportunities to develop skills like following directions, using utensils and talking to friends. As in all of our programs, toddlers have daily scheduled gross motor time in the gym and outside, weather permitting. 


1-7   2 – 2.5 years (Room 4)
1-8   2.5 – 3 years (Room 8)
Registration Fees (non-refundable) $50
Infant Program (3 month through 24 months)
Full Time
Toddler Program (24 months through 36 months)
Full Time