Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs provide a focus on Kindergarten Readiness, with a structured research-based curriculum that has a “fun with learning” approach. Detailed weekly Activity Plans are created based on the specific needs and interests of the children in each classroom. They build on the foundations each child has already mastered and develop learning experiences that are meaningful and relevant to the child’s academic and social-emotional success. Our professional teachers are degreed, experienced and certified, and succeed in building true partnerships with our parents in the overall well-being and development of the children in their care. Multiple learning centers are offered throughout the day in each classroom, which allow for a balance of active and quiet experiences. Teachers have access to our full grounds for opportunities to move their classroom outside at any point as well as engage in gross motor and free play activities. Daily access to the gym is also provided. 


  • Progress Reports and Teacher Conferences twice a school year
  • A focus on building both Academic Skills and Social Emotional Skills, utilizing NAEYC guidelines and Conscious Discipline theories and practices
  • Large, expansive classrooms with gender specific bathrooms
  • Introduction to Computers for Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Journals and Weakly Readers in Pre-Kindergarten
  • Six-month age separations for optimum developmental success in Preschool Programs
  • A variety of supplimental activities may be offered throughout the year such as, gymnastics, soccer or other local programs
  • Seasonal special events such as pumpkin hunts, santa claus workshops, annual art shows, easter bunny egg hunts, and so much more


Room 6 (ratio 1:12) Ages 3 to 3-1/2 years
Room 7 (ratio 1:12) Ages 3-1/2 to 4 years


Room 5 (ratio 1:14) Ages 4 years
Room 3 (ratio 1:14) Ages 4+ years
(must be Kindergarten age eligible for the proceeding school year, at start of program)
Room 1 (ratio 1:14) Ages 4+ years
(must be Kindergarten age eligible for the proceeding school year, at start of program)

Registration Fees (non-refundable) 50$
Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs
(3-5 years and fully potty trained)
Full Time