Scribes & Scribblers are dedicated to child safety, development, and enrichment, and, we have a passion for having fun!
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  • Over four acres of play areas nestled within a residential community, including in-ground pools &  a large gymnasium!
  • Large well equipped classrooms
  • Structured age-appropriate curriculum
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • American Red Cross Swim Lessons in summer, “FREE” Popcorn Fridays during school year, large family events throughout the year!
  • Extra curricular activities throughout the year including dance, gymnastics and soccer!
Registration Fees (non-refundable) $50.00
Infant Program (12 weeks to 24 months)
Full Time
Toddler Program (24 months to 36 months)
Full Time
Part Time (3-days/week)
Preschool & Pre-K Program
(3 – 5 years old and toilet trained)
Full Time
Part Time (3-days/week)
School Age Program
Transportation, breakfast, snack & activities
1 child:
Up to 15 hours per week = $75.00
Over 15 hours per week = $5.00 per hour
2 children:
Up to 15 hours per week = $112.50
Over 15 hours per week = $7.50 per hour
Full day rates include breakfast, lunch & snack
1 child
$20.00 extra/full day
2 child
$37.50 extra/full day
Drop In Care Programs
$38 each day used per child